Jan172015 we come...

Some video from our latest show at Fontana's in NYC in January 2015.  We're psyched for a lot of new fun stuff in 2015...including our next show, 2 sets at The Fifth Estate, our favorite venue!  That's February 27th, and we'll have some fun opening acts and DJ's for that show also...more info soon.


We love you.  That never changes!


"A Painting of Plans" now available as digital download!

Purchase the latest Wounded Buffalo Theory album, "A Painting of Plans," for a price of your choosing HERE! 


After our month long release (check out and preview everything still at you can now grab the entire 16 track 70+ minute album at in high quality Mp3, and pay whatever you feel like!  

It's our way of giving back to you, and really we just want you to listen to this one.  It took us a long time to make, and we're very proud of it.  Give it a few listens...a lot of stuff might not make total sense the first time through, but all together, we think it's our most cohesive work.

So enjoy, and tell your friends and enemies!  "A Painting of Plans," now available for purchase/download!


Wounded Buffalo Theory to release A Painting of Plans on April 1st 2014

It's here!  We are proud to announce the release of our 9th studio album, A Painting of Plans on April 1st 2014. 

A Painting of Plans is a concept album about evil, both perceived and real. It is comprised of 16 brand new original songs, and is the longest ever Wounded Buffalo Theory album.  Because it's pretty massive, we're releasing a few songs from the album every few days up until the official release on 4/1, where the full album will be available for 'Pay What You Want' purchase at

The way we're doing that is THIS: an interactive guide through A Painting of Plans.

 Each panel represents a song on the album, in its real order, like a psychedelic advent calendar.


All panels feature art by Shannon Blanton who created an entire visual world to accompany the piece. Additionally, each panel has several fun extras: live performances of the songs, demo versions, pictures, and more.  You'll have to hunt a little for some of the more interesting extras:).

So enjoy our month-long release of our latest studio album; we've worked on this one for a very long time, and put a lot of mental anguish, euphoria, pride, derision, and who knows what else into it.  It's very special to all four band members (a rare concensus), in a lot of ways, and we think it's some of our best work as a band.  It's darker, and heavier than anything we've done, just know that right off the bat.  It's about evil and the various ways we see it as a society.  Real evil and perceived evil can obviously be polar opposites, and the songs in this cycle all work towards the question of why one trumps the other in media, family circles, politics, crime, and psychology.  So it's maybe not your typical beach party album.  We'll let someone else do that for now...we've got darker things to talk about on this one.

See you on the other side...


New single from The Sometime Boys available on Facebook...

Check it out!  Kurt and Jay (along with Sarah, Pete, Rebecca, and Gypsy) have released the newest The Sometime Boys single, "The Great Escape/Where Are You Now?" from the upcoming album RIVERBED.  Like their Facebook page and download the single for free!  





Thanks so much for coming out to THUNDERBALL NYE!  Amazing times, and big thanks to The Fifth Estate, and our DJ Army for so much incredible music all night long.  See ya in 2014!